GINCAP group is multidisciplinary research group which works in a strict manner in the areas of natural sciences and mathematics. The group is projected to be a leader in the field of Applied Sciences with national and international collaborations by not only strengthening its areas of research but also through continuous work in the development of projects with scientific and social impact.


Líneas de Investigación

  • Science and Mathematics Education

    Líder de la línea: Martha Lucía Barrera

    Application of methodologies that support the teaching-learning process, based on the analysis of pre-knowledge and the students learning styles.

  • Mathematical modeling and applied statistics

    Líder de la línea: William González Calderón

    Application of mathematical modeling and statistical analysis in any discipline and multidisciplinary work that requires any of them in order to describe different types of behavior that lead to the analysis of various situations.

  • Applied optics and signal processing

    Líder de la línea: Ligia Beleño Montagut

    Development of optical and/or digital methods and procedures to be applied in scientific and technological research oriented to the needs of the productive sector of the region and the country.nd the country.