Conduct research for the generation of knowledge, transfer and application of technologies in the productive sector and services, high added value in the design of new products and improvement of equipment that incorporate high levels of integration and synergy in control, automation, instrumentation and mechatronic systems within the framework of innovation and sustainability projects.

Líneas de Investigación

  • Mechatronic, Biomedical and Robotic Design

    Líder de la línea: Johann Barragán Gómez

    Generate knowledge and development of innovation in the line of Mechatronic, Biomedical and Robotic Design, which tend to provide solutions to problems related to the areas of Biomedical Engineering and Mechatronics, for the improvement of industrial efficiency in regional and national companies. The specific objectives of the line are - To participate in scientific research projects for the modernization and technological reconversion, the dissemination of its results and the organization of scientific communities in the line of mechatronic, Biomedical and Robotic design. - Promote research that benefits the industrial and economic development of the region and the country. - Develop applied research projects that provide technological, scientific and administrative solutions to problems in the health area through the application of engineering, management and research, which is applicable to the health and productive sector.

  • Automation and control

    Líder de la línea: Faustino Muñoz Moner

    It is the most consolidated in the Mechatronics Engineering program, as a line of the CONTROL & MECHATRONIC Research Group; it is oriented to the Automation of machines, technological lines and installations with the application of advanced instrumentation, based on high precision transducers, industrial controllers and high technology actuators, which allows developing modernization and industrial technological reconversion.

  • Modeling and Simulation

    Líder de la línea: Sebastián Roa Prada

    It addresses the following areas: modeling, identification, optimization, simulation of dynamic systems, application of classical techniques and modern predictive control in industrial, energy, environmental and agro-industrial processes. Modeling and simulation of processes and application of predictive control to industrial, energy, environmental and agro industrial systems.